It takes courage to quit but it takes even more guts to stay

Andrea Zanon Confidente
3 min readSep 21

Quitting is often associated with giving up. Wrong! Quitting is also a courageous decision of self-disciplined people with resolve and ambition. The type of quitting I am interested to discuss is the one that relates to our career choices that led to self-affirmation, happiness, and success. Millions of people are stuck in their jobs, and they don’t see future growth, both financially and personally. Many of these people face the daily challenge of neither being able to contribute to their business growth, nor to their personal learning. The challenge goes further, as many are unable to define why they do what they do and cannot measure progress towards success. My advice to all is, when these difficulties become the norm, and you don’t see where you are headed, it is time to quit. It is time to change as it will be irresponsible to stay. If you stay it would ultimately lead to personal misery, and for misery of the people you love the most and plus it will lead to mediocrity.

You Are the Most Valuable Asset

Quitting becomes easier when we experience an epiphany. Moments in which we find our voice, and we find what motivates us and stop putting up with unhappiness. If we let this inner voice guide us, we will increase our self-esteem and motivation. Ultimately this is the path to build your own dream and invest in yourself for the rest of your life. When you invest in yourself you start appreciating that you are the most valuable asset, and that you are building expertise that nobody can take away from you. The more you invest in yourself the higher value you acquire, and as the billionaire investor Warren Buffett says, “the more you learn the more you earn”. He also reminds us that, “nobody can tax your education and expertise” and expertise appreciation does not get eroded by inflation.

The Day I Decided to Quit

I left a high paid job at an International Financial Institution in Washington DC, where I reached a level of seniority and compensation that I never thought possible. I advised 20 Ministers of Finance, I became the Confidante of Heads of States and Sovereign Wealth Funds and powerful Royal family members in Saudi Arabia, the Emirates and Qatar. However, to fit in this job profile I had to give up joy. I could no longer justify why I…

Andrea Zanon Confidente

I have advised 25k entrepreneurs, 15 minister of finance and Secretary of State Madeline Albright