Strategies to accelerate personal performance and impact

Andrea Zanon Confidente
6 min readSep 13, 2022

As I work with many leaders that have mastered personal performance, crisis management and decision making, I would like to share key lessons I have practiced and learned. I am going to focus on three areas which I believe have the highest potential for short term personal mastery. These are crisis management, wellness, and performance enhancement. All these suggestions should be taken with criticism as none of these work for everyone.

Crisis Management: A good starting point is crisis management as we all go through risk, vulnerability and decision making that lead to failures and to extreme pain and hardened recovery. I would like to argue that a crisis is an opportunity in disguise, and we should never “waste a good crisis”. Having gone through numerous crises including the loss of my parents when I was a child, loosing several businesses in my professional career and experiencing first hand terrorist attacks, I can share some lesson and best practices that I believe can impact your performance and wellbeing.

  1. The people: Surround yourself with high quality people. People you can rely on to find strength, learning, guidance, and friendship. These are going to be the human elements that help you get back on track and regain confidence in yourself. These should also be the people that teach you, mentor you and love you. Keep in mind that we become the average of the 5 people we spend most time with.
  2. Control: Focus on what you have control over and let go of everything else, forgiving yourself and anybody that has wronged you. From here, start building back a routine of actions and habits that make you happy, and strong as these are key to resolving the crisis and building yourself back better. Ensure that you prioritize your inner growth, by learning something new every day, and helping someone in need frequently.
  3. Eliminate the Noise: Don’t listen to the noise, be it social media, or what other people may think of you. This is the toughest one to address, as we are all affected by what others think, say, or may think about us. The truth is, the sooner you learn not to be influenced by what others think of you, the sooner you will gain power, independence, and mental fitness. As you get rid of the noise, get busy reading, and working towards your goal…
Andrea Zanon Confidente

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